Bringing your projects and visions to life through illustration.

About-PhotoLiving in such a visually saturated culture, having imagery that makes your book or game stand out is essential. The next great adventure novel or hot RPG needs to be eye catching so as not to be lost in the crowd. As a devoted illustrator and storyteller this is where I come in. 

I am a traditionally trained digital artist with a love for fantasy illustration. I’ve created covers for books, brought characters to life for RPGS, and painted story scenes for adventure modules. My art is characterized by its rich detail, vivid colorful nature, and love of characters.


Paizo Publishing // Louis Porter Jr. Design // Legendary Games // Dreamscarred Press // Koblod Press
Rite Publishing // Gravstrike // Nerdcore Medical // Overworld Digital Pub // Myth/Logic Press

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Looking to liven up your latest book with a captivating cover? To enrich your game with unique character artwork? Or perhaps bring some inspiration into your home with a private commission? I would love to connect with you to see how I might be of service.

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Mobile: 248.568.4540