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The Open Sky: Part 1

I just finished reading a book that has been on my shelf for some time and a text I have been looking forward to for a while now: ‘Visions of
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Project Update: Color Comps

Color has always been one of the harder aspects of painting for me Value, sure I can wrap my head around it easy enough, but color is a struggle
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Project Update: Elf & Dwarf

Here is a selection of thumbnails from the final batch for the initial character designs This week it is the Elf and the Dwarf (I really need to
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Project Update: The Boar

More sketches from my ongoing personal project Last post was for the Fawn this week it is for the Boar > Boar Minotaur Warrior (armored) (M)
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New Year, New Project

After IlluxCon last year I really wanted to begin working on more narrative focused illustrations Couple that with reading this post Personal Work:
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